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Our Mission

To provide engineering services tailored to the clients' needs through collaboration, experience, teamwork & responsive communication to ensure a successful project at every stage.

Core Values

Adaptability (Tailored)​​

As our name suggests, we adapt/tailor our engineering to our clients' needs, we understand that no client or project is the same.​


At Tailored Engineering we take responsibility for what we say and for the work we provide.​


Honesty leads to successful teamwork, better relationships and overall project success.​

Responsive Communications

We will respond to your communications in a prompt & timely matter.

Team Work

We value building relationships with clients & project partners to have a cohesive approach during all stages of the project.​

As one of the leaders at Tailored Engineering, Matt brings a creative and practical approach to the business of engineering. He is a problem solver with a genuine passion for the industry.


Matt is actively engaged at the source, providing clients with solutions. He has been in the field and been in the factory. He is so proud to be able to serve the clients of Tailored Engineering, by their side, thinking outside the box giving them sustainable and proven results that meet industry standards.

Matt Heil, P.E.


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